Superior Bee offers 10 frame equipment and 6 frame equipment.

The components; top cover, deep, medium, bottom board, are equivalent to wooden Langstroths with the exception of no inner cover. None is required because the bees do not propolize like they do wood.

A complete hive will have:

-Bottom board with screen
-Deep hive body
-Top cover

Add deeps or supers as needed.

The 6 frame Superior Bee is ideal for those who like or need lighter equipment. They also are a great choice for nucs.

Hives do not come with frames and foundation. Superior Bee hive ware is compatible with any Langstroth (standard bee hive) frames.
polystyrene complete hive deep bottom board top cover deep hive body entrance reducer screen

Please call and we will gladly ship you the next generation of hive ware!