The Next Generation
of Hive Ware

Superior Bee polystyrene provides a stable environment to keep bees safe from the outside elements and increase honey production.

Advantages Of Our Hives


Ease of Assembly

No staples, no screws, no nails. No jigs or clamps. All you need is some quality wood glue. Add a couple of coats of wood exterior latex paint and you are good to go.


It's About Time

R8 Insulation makes the bees more productive. Less bees are required to regulate the hive temperature and more bees can be busy gathering nectar and pollen.


Survival Increased

The R8 Insulation enhances the winter survivability. Less energy is expended in the winter so the stores last longer. And you don't need to wrap these hives.


Less Propolis

This means that more bees are foraging.


Better Temperature Control

Means that bees can go stronger in the spring and continue through the summer.



Our hives last. NO repairing wooden hive bodies and no replacing rotten bottom boards. The cost is competative with wood.

Complete Beehive #2

Our Hives Help Increase Honey Production

Bees have more time to forage because they have to spend less time maintaining the temperature of the hive. R8 insulation value makes the bees more productive and less bees are required to regulate the hive temperature. This frees more bees up to gather nectar and pollen.

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